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About the VLS Collection

Collaborative, learner-driven, high-quality, digital-by-design materials for all Ontario learners and educators, now and into the future.

The Virtual Learning Strategy (VLS) Collection is the result of an historic investment by the Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities (MCU) intended to drive growth and advancement in virtual learning across the province’s postsecondary institutions. This collection provides eligible Ontario educators and learners with access to free high-quality online educational resources that support hybrid learning, while enabling pathways toward flexible lifelong learning and supporting system wide collaboration by expanding access for Ontario’s institutions to the global marketplace for virtual learning.

The VLS collection is available to eligible Ontario educators and learners either through the Ontario Commons Licenses or worldwide access through an open license (e.g., Creative Commons license).

VLS Framework

The Virtual Learning Strategy is built on three key pillars:

Being the future

Providing sector supports to drive a continued co-existence with hybrid learning: Ensuring learners have high-quality education: anytime, from anywhere. This requires quality and innovation, better data, and digital access to enable lifelong learning and fuel Ontario’s global competitiveness.

Being a lifelong learner

Enabling learners to meet the needs of the rapidly evolving labour market at any stage of their careers by providing digital supports and infrastructure for new short duration training.

Being a global leader

Strengthening Ontario’s leadership domestically and globally, by expanding access for Ontario’s institutions to the global marketplace for virtual learning. With this, we aim to position Ontario as a global leader for virtual innovation in teaching and learning, including Ontario educational technology companies.

Access the VLS Collection

The VLS Collection is a combination of open and restricted resources. At a minimum, all Ontario public postsecondary institutions can access the VLS Collection through the Ontario Commons Licenses. An account is required to read or download these resources.

Conditions for use and reuse Ontario Commons License (OCL 1.0) Ontario Commons License – No Derivatives (OCL-ND 1.0)
Must be used only as a part of a publicly offered credit/non-credit course or program
Must give credit or attribution to the original author(s)
Can copy the work
Can modify or adapt the work

Please refer to the published license code on the specific resource detail page to learn more about permissions granted under an open license. The license code is always hyperlinked to the original terms and conditions for your information and convenience.

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