The Virtual Learning Strategy (VLS) Collection provides eligible Ontario educators and learners with access to free educational resources. Please use the form below to submit your final VLS content. 

Before you submit your content, please read through our criteria and the VLS Collection Submission Guide for detailed instruction on preparing your VLS content for submission and step-by-step detail on answering the questions on the submission form.

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Submission Process Overview

  1. Read the submission criteria.
  2. Read the VLS Collection Submission Guide to help you prepare your content and answer the questions on the submission form.
  3. Complete the Submission Form.
  4. Receive a confirmation email for your submission.
  5. Allow up to 20 business days for eCampusOntario Open Library team to review and catalogue your submission. 
  6. Expect to be contacted if further details are required to catalogue your content.
  7. Receive a confirmation email with a link to view your resource.
  8. Review your resource and provide feedback and any metadata corrections that need to be made. If no modifications are needed, your resource is published.


Required *

  • Licensing information is clearly labelled on the resource, including any exceptions or copyright permissions. Please refer to the VLS Collection Submission Guide on how to mark your work with Ontario Commons Licenses.
  • All copyright holders of the resource and/or permissions granted are clearly labelled on the content.
  • For Open Educational Resources (OER), all content (text, images, media, etc.) is free from copyright restrictions or used with copyright permissions/exceptions for inclusion in an openly licensed work.
  • Editable files are provided for all objects e.g., raw video files (e.g. .mp4), H5P files, .docx, Pressbooks XML, HTML source files, if applicable. Please refer to the VLS Collection Submission Guide for more information about editable files.
  • All content meets current accessibility requirements as specified under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA).
  • The resource must include the Acknowledgement of Provincial Funding statement. Please refer to the VLS Collection Submission Guide for the statement.


  • The resource includes an accessibility statement. Please refer to the VLS Collection Submission Guide for examples.
  • The resource is available in at least two different file types (e.g., HTML and PDF).
  • The resource includes supplementary or ancillary resources such as test banks, videos, instructor guides, or presentation slides.
  • If applicable, the resource is in a format that can be used to set up a Print-on-Demand option.
  • The resource has a cover image.

File Upload Size

The maximum upload size is 2000MB/2GB for the submission form. If you are uploading multiple files or your file is larger than 2000MB/2GB, please zip or compress files to help reduce its size. You can also use a cloud storage solution such as OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. and provide a URL on the Submission Form as an alternative. Please ensure that the URL is accessible for 30 days after completing the submission form if you use a cloud storage solution.

If after compressing your files, and your files exceed 2000MB/2GB, or cloud storage is not an option, please contact us before you start your submission for an agreed-upon alternative solution.

Need help completing the form? Review the VLS Collection Submission Guide first!

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Please complete all required fields and provide as much information as possible. An asterisk (*) means that the field must be completed. By completing the optional fields, you make it easier to describe your resource, and for others to find your resource. If a field does not apply to your resource, leave it blank on the form.